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Matt, 23

Chicago, IL

Matt is intelligent and self-assured, and will happily let you know it. While aware that some people consider him less than kind, Matt gets through his day knowing that he’s not actually an asshole, he’s just better than everyone else. Following the completion of his Bachelor’s degree in media studies at Loyola, Matt spent a year sitting in coffee shops just to laugh at how ignorant the pretentious and arrogant the people in coffee shops really were. As sitting in coffee shops doesn’t pay an income, Matt decided to audition for Housemates because, let’s face it—he’s awesome.
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What made you decide to audition for Housemates?
I figured it’d be an easy buck. Not too many people can outwit me, and I thought it’d be fun to see what pathetic and desperate people would come out of the woodwork for this.

Before coming on Housemates, what was a normal day like for you?
I’d spend a few hours in the Bean Shack, our local barista hang out, reading and studying the people around me. Then I’d go home, put on some music that you’ve probably never heard before, and reflect on the day.

What do you do in your spare time? What do you aspire to be?
I watch a lot of live shows of local bands, watch a lot of foreign films, read a lot of poetry and books from authors who will never get the fame they deserve from having such raw, undiscovered talent. As to my aspirations, my only hope is that I can one day be paid to give my opinions.

What’s the best thing about you? What’s the worst thing about you?
The best thing about me? That’s hard to narrow down. If I had to pick one trait, it would probably be my communication skills. I understand how people work, how people think, better than they do because I listen better than they speak. As for the worst—well, the worst thing about me is that I’m going to make the rest of this competition boring to watch. I’m obviously the winner. Already. Look at these losers I’m stuck with, seriously.

Movie: Moonlight by The Sea. Or Requiem for a Dream
Song: Suburban Muse- Abandoned Pools
TV Show: I don’t waste my time watching the opiates of the masses
Color: Hunter Green
State Capital: Chillicothe

What’s your stripper name (middle name + home state)? Robert Oregon

What was your biggest concern about living with nine strangers?
I don’t want them to bring down my IQ.

How long did it take you to get used to the cameras?
What cameras?

What were your first impressions of the other housemates?
Andy: F*g

Becka: Nice ass

Crunch: Cheech and Chong went out of style a long time ago

Eric: Phillistine

Kat: She could take a d**k

Kristin: Roast beef curtains

Lavender: Take a damn shower. P.S. Dave Matthews Sucks

Nicki: Justification for spousal abuse

Sufjan: The only person in this house worth a damn.

Describe your Housemates experience in three words. Gimme. My. Cash.