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Andy, 23

New York City, NY

Andy is not your typical man. He’s the quintessential gay man! When you ask Andy about his sexual orientation you’ll get a blunt reply: “I only want penis”, and there’s nothing wrong with that in our opinion. Andy usually hates meeting new people because he says they treat him like shit, but if you watch enough reality television and have an infatuation for lots and lots of makeup, you’re in! Andy also enjoys My Little Ponies a lot. His favorite is Magic Star.
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What made you decide to audition for Housemates?
Mattel, the company I work for, told me that I had a BUNCH of vacation that I needed to use up. One of my friends, Svetlana, from the video rental store I used to work at suggested I try out for this reality show because I’m sexy, smart, and so full of energy it’s in your face. I agreed, especially with her three reasons.

Before coming on Housemates, what was a normal day like for you?
Wake up, eat some lucky charms, play with my dog Poopsie (it’s a golden retriever/poodle mix), go to Mattel, work on a new Barbie outfit (I was working on WGA Strike Barbie before I left), come home, watch Project Runway (that Tim Gunn is uber dreamy), watch Top Model (Tyra’s a bitch!), watch …. Well, you get the idea. Then I go to sleep and the cycle starts all over again.

What do you do in your spare time? What do you aspire to be?
I don’t have spare time. If I did, I would spend more of it looking in the mirror. And as for my aspirations, I’ve actually already met them so I look forward to nothing. I know, that sounds sad, but if your life were as great as mine you wouldn’t have any aspirations either!

What’s the best thing about you? What’s the worst thing about you?
The best thing about me is everything about me. The worst thing about me is nothing about me.

Movie: My Little Pony: The Movie
Song: I Will Survive
TV Show: Any/All reality television about models/clothing
Color: Bright Pink
State Capital: Des Moines (haha)

What’s your stripper name (middle name + home state)? Ellsworth Ohio

What was your biggest concern about living with nine strangers?
Would I be able to keep all of them from becoming completely infatuated with my sexy bod. I had an experience like that once where nine people couldn’t keep their hands off me. Granted it was in a gay strip club, but if it’s happened once before, who’s to say it won’t happen again. Frightening experience.

How long did it take you to get used to the cameras?
What cameras? Can you clarify the question?

What were your first impressions of the other housemates?
Becka: Cool, I guess. Kind of quiet. But there’s something more to her …

Crunch: Ugg. Talk about foot odor. And Crunch? Is there some sort of Captain in his family? So glad he got voted out.

Eric: Thought he was a total douche. Then I got to know him (and I touched his beard stubble) and I really fell for the tender side of him. I mean, for god sakes, that beard’s better than McDreamy’s beard from Grey’s Anatomy. But, he’s with Nicki now so I’ll have to wait for my attack until later.

Kat: I LOVED Kat. Tried to convince her to align with me, but she pulled some of my hair out and pissed on my new shoes. Wow, she was crazy. Would have been awesome to get to know her better.

Kristin: Also a very quiet person but much more raucous in a physical manner. Yeah, that’s a good description. Well, it’s nicer than just coming out and saying she’s a whore, which she is, but that would be really tacky to say so I’ll just keep it at that.

Lavender: Ugg. She was all flower power this, and save the whales that … I want to kill a whale just because I met her.

Matt: Least favorite Housemate left. I hope we can send him packing soon. He also uses very derogatory words when he’s describing my sexual orientation. I won’t go into specifics but after asking him to stop several times it’s getting very irritating.

Nicki: I knew we were going to be awesome girlfriends. She was just so bitchy, I love it. Although, she doesn’t know that I was originally going to side with Kat … well, I’ll just keep it at that.

Sufjan: Ruggedly attractive, but I never thought anything would come of it. He didn’t even really seem that—um, oh god … what was the question? I’m a tad twitter-patted it seems.

Describe your Housemates experience in three words. Fluffy puppies. Yum!