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Becka, 22

Matt, 23

Kat, 23

Eric, 23

Sufjan, 21

Andy, 23

Nicki, 22

Kristin, 22

Crunch, 24

Lavender, 24

With Your Host Doug McTavish

Douglas McTavish began his career as a stage actor in New York playing minor roles in several off-Broadway productions. He then moved on to a short modeling career, which involved clients such as “Hair 2.0” and “Men’s Musk Magazine.” Having broken into the field, he became the host of “Home For The Heart” a home makeover show on public access television in Salem, Massachusetts. After its unfortunately brief two week run, Doug began picking up small roles in films before returning to his calling in television as the host of Housemates.

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This bio isn’t half bad, Mr. Webmaster Man, but it’s quite obvious that you’ve left out a lot of really important information about the man, Douggie Mac. First of all, he was voted Number One media personality in all of Salem Mass for his role in Home For The Heart. Let me tell you, he was quite the star in that town. Not to mention, he was on the cover of Hair 2.0 and MMM in the same month. He’s the only person to ever claim bot honor in the same month. So if you ever hear some call him Mr. April, you’ll know why.
January 14th, 2007 @ 6:45 p.m. by: mrapril05

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