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About Housemates

Hey Youtubists, Bloggonauts and Infosurfers! Get ready to look at reality in a whole new way. Wrion Bowling and 2nd Try Productions—the creators of Celebrity Eating and Wilderness Renovation—now bring you Housemates, the only reality show brought to you exclusively on the Internet.

Watch what happens when we take ten strangers and pit them against the ultimate challenge: living together! Each week, the Housemates vote for which other Housemate they’d like to be evicted. And then one does get evicted! Additionally, the Housemates compete each week in a variety of Immunity Challenges*, and the winner is guaranteed a spot in the house the following week. The last remaining Housemate will receive a cash prize, a sponsorship deal with Pump’d Mobile and a hosting spot on the upcoming 2nd Try show I Remember the Eighties!

A new episode of Housemates goes live every week. You can also check out cast bios, pictures and bonus videos. Remember, it’s not just reality, it’s Housemates. With your host Doug McTavish.

*Trademark pending