Hey Youtubists, Bloggonauts and Infosurfers! Get ready to look at reality in a whole new way. Wrion Bowling and 2nd Try Productions—the creators of Celebrity Eating and Wilderness Renovation—now bring you Housemates, the only reality show brought to you exclusively on the Internet. Find out more about Housemates.

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What happens when ten strangers are forced to live in one house? Find out when Eric, Becka, Kat, Crunch, Nicki, Matt, Andy, Sufjan, Kristin and Lavender attempt cohabitation. The twist? Each week the Housemates vote to evict one of their own, until only one is left to claim the prize.

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Housemates finale
After ten long weeks, it's time to see who takes home the top prize. Drama! Scandals! Boobs! Don't miss this special Housemates event, hosted by the one and only Doug McTavish.
Bonus clips
Check out these bonus Housemates clips. Watch extended scenes, unedited confessionals and hidden camera footage that you've never seen before!